by Morella

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Recorded on an iPhone on August 29th, 2016 in Lancaster, PA

Music by Morella
Lyrics on "Color Coordinated" and "Track 3" by Logan Reilling
Lyrics on "Alone By Choice" by Alex McFarland and Logan Reilling


released August 30, 2016

Alex - Guitar
Ben - Drums
Logan - Vocals
Matt - Bass
Max - Guitar



all rights reserved


Morella Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Alex McFarland - Guitar
Ben Rickards - Drums
Logan Reilling - Vox
Matt Smith - Bass
Max Ludewig - Guitar

Lancaster, PA screamo

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Track Name: Alone By Choice (Demo)
If you saw me through lesser eyes
Then I could validate this sickness
But my privilege make others blind
To the lack of anything inside
It was clear to me, that I was your lifelink
Desperate pleas would not change that, for it was your mistake to make
Let's sever this tie
Before it drags us both down

Sorry for false promises, for a future long gone
Please just forget me, before the memory engulfs you
I'm too scared to feel like this
I'll peel the skin from my fingers to quell the pain

Smile, cause you were my everything
But my mind is too broken to accept what I have
So the best I can do is cut this all loose
I'm sorry, I can't stop this feeling

Maybe if I was stable this would feel like goodbye
Maybe if I was the one to save you
You might have let me know it
Track Name: Color Coordinated (Demo)
This lack of feeling is making me nauseous
When will your god save me
I didn't plan this out, yet it worked perfectly in my head
I played around with the idea of bland memories carved into my skin
Suppression burned into the back of my mind
It was worth it to me

I need your help to save me
With hypocritical promises
I need your help to save me
Whith hypothetical promises

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
But I'd trade my teeth just to be able to see through your eyes
All I hope is that you'd do the same
I just want you to know that I lied to keep us content
I'll grab the pliers if you'll grab my hand

I would love to see you in black
Track Name: Track 3 (Demo)
I spent paychecks without a thought
Drugs and all
Something I want to forget
I avoided you while coughing up my lungs
But now I can embrace you while choking on your smoke
What's the harm in returning

If nobody's perfect, why make strides or even try
I live for pleasure
All I need to hear is
"Quiet, now your mind can fade"

You don't have to worry about finding me
I'm too much of a coward